Why You Need Security Guard Service

Security officers are the need of the hour. Not only do you need to install modern technology like surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, and other advanced tools, but you also need to have security personnel deployed at the site to ensure tight security at work and at home.

With approximately 19,170 robberies, 16,606 burglaries, and 117,931 thefts reported in Perth in 2016, the citizens of Perth have every reason to worry about the security of their homes and offices. However security is the bright light at the end of the crime tunnel. There are many contract companies like Statewide Security that can help you in your quest of securing the premises. These businesses provide different types of security personnel, all of which are capable of solving a variety of problems.

Forms of Security Force

  • Front desk/guard gate
  • Uniformed officers
  • Plain clothes protection
  • Unarmed/armed security guards
  • Uniformed private labeled guards

You can invest in one of these security forces or can have a multi-layer of security forces to protect your premises. You may be comfortable with front desk/guard gate security to oversee your residential or commercial facility, or you may want to add uniformed officers or plain clothes personnel. However, the big question is why security guards are so important even in this age of advanced technology?

What Makes Security Guards Pivotal?


Rigorously Trained

Most security agencies hire personnel and provide rigorous training and licensing programs to ensure they provide their clients with skilled security personnel. These officers are trained in customer service, crisis management, threat awareness, anti-terrorism and many other critical areas, able to provide exceptional help at times of crises.

Crisis Experts

Most of these officers are well-trained in crisis and emergency management. Whenever the situation demands, the officers are up to the task, and they put their lives on the line to ensure you are safe & sound.


You will often see security officers wearing clean, crisp, uniforms maintaining a well-groomed personal appearance. They adhere to a strict code of conduct too, which is a testimonial to their professional commitment. Having such personnel around adds to the comfort level of office professionals and loved ones at home.

Wrapping Up

Whenever there’s burglary or theft, victims are usually very frightened by the perpetrators. Any personal help at the time of crisis is welcomed. While modern devices capture the images and videos that can assist the police to nab the culprit, the security officers present at the crime scene can often foil the robbery or theft attempt. Hence, having a security staff to guard your Perth home or office is vital for the protection and peace of mind your family and staff deserve.

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  • David

    Agree, we need more security as Police resources are stretched

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