What does a security guard do?

If we asked someone to give us their first thoughts on the job of a security guard in Perth, the answer may come back as ‘big tough guys dressed in security uniforms who spend time hanging around waiting for something bad to happen‘.

Sure, there may be some truth to this for some guards, the reality is that a security guard can be employed in a lot of different roles with different responsibilities, depending on what they have been trained in. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of a security guards roles and responsibilities for a typical guard employed in Perth by Statewide Security Services WA.

Static guards

Attending a large variety of venues such as industrial sites, Perth government sites, retail shops and other corporate buildings, static guards can provide a visible deterrent against theft, vandalism, or any other kind of possible crime. These highly experienced guards are trained to watch for any suspicious behaviors or intentions, and will take quick and direct action based on those behaviors, thus giving the customer peace-of mind that their premises and assets, and the people within them, are being protected.

Mobile Patrols

For big venues such as industrial areas, parks and larger corporate buildings, mobile security patrols are required. Roving patrols can be used either inside, outside, or even both. Using different ways to move around including directly on foot or in a vehicle, mobile patrol guards may be required to perform periodic perimeter patrols, or to make sure that offices are safe and secure, and that doors have been locked during out of hours times.

Crowd Control

More and more security companies like Statewide Security Services WA are being used for crowd controlling, and as events become bigger and more popular in Perth, sometimes can take up a large proportion of the business. Crowd control is normally used for large licensed events, music concerts, overly busy venues, house parties and even escorts. Crowd controller guards act as a deterrent for any potential bad behavior, such as theft, violence, and drugs, and are there to also ensure those who have paid to be at the event are safe from any harm.

Asset protection

Security guards can also be used for asset protection – whether it’s your private property, your family, your possessions or your entire business. This may be as simple as guarding a property or business while the owner is away on leave. Or if the assets to protect are do not stay in one place, then the the guards may be required to escort them from point A to point B vigilantly and securely.


Just the tip of the iceberg!

This is really only the beginning when it comes to security in Perth, and there are many more highly trained positions open in Statewide Security Services WA to security guards, such as close protection work, overseeing and training other employees in security..

Here at Statewide Security Services WA, we’re well experienced in all areas modern day security and have the highly trained staff, the experience, and the skills to take on any given situation or job. Why not contact us today on 0459 394 171 to discuss your concerns and in return we’ll offer you and your Perth business complete peace-of-mind!

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