What do security guards look for when on patrol?

At first glance, security guards that are doing security patrols in an area may seem to be doing very little at all, but this is not the case!

Trained security guards, like the ones at Statewide Security Services WA, do actually have a number of good reasons as to why they do these rounds. There are many things that they need to look out for during a security patrol in Perth. Some of these things are explained below.

Checking entrances and exits

When a Statewide Security guard is guarding a building or business, they have to constantly check the state of any doors belonging to the area. Furthermore, the doors that lead to more sensitive areas of the building are usually treated more attention than the others. Rather than simply inspecting at the door and seeing if it’s open or closed, our well-trained security guards always go the extra mile to check the lock and handle of the doors for any signs of tampering. This can show that someone had tried to gain access to the building, and would require further investigation.

Looking out for suspicious objects

These days in Perth and the rest of Australia, the threat of terrorist attacks is very real. Having trained static security guards is an advantage when it comes to avoiding such threats. During their mobile patrols, these guards also look out for hings and objects that seem to be out of place, such as bags and other objects that have been left alone in suspicious circumstances.

Taking note of individuals with odd behavior

In addition to suspicious objects, Statewide Security Guards with excellent training are also well trained on how to identify and deal with people who may pose a security threat to the area that they are patrolling. To do this effectively, the guard will need to be aware of certain behavior – such as loitering around the same place for a long time without seeming to have any business to be there. Our guards are all trained to having skill in reading someones body language so that they can successfully identify someone or a group of people who may be a security threat to the area.

Reading body language is not a skill that comes naturally, which is why the guards, like that ones at Statewide Security Services WA, need to be trained to understand what they need to look out for.

Detecting ongoing crimes and stopping them

It is during a regular mobile patrol that a security guard will have the best chances of detecting a crime that is ongoing. For example, in the case of a business building, any would-be intruder would likely select an entry point that is well away from a static security guard’s regular station, to help not being detected. However, if the security guard is not stationary, like the one’s performing a mobile patrol, then the intruder is more likely to be caught, meaning there is also a better chance of stopping the crime and catching the suspects.

Providing help to people who may need it

During the mobile patrol, the security guard may come across someone who is lost or need some other kind of assistance. In a Perth business building, for example, a lost person could quiet easily find themselves in an area of the building where they are not meant to be in, such as the server room or security office. When a guard is doing a mobile patrol, they are more likely to find these lost people and then be assist them on how to get to where they need to go.

These are just a few of the many things that security guards, like the ones at Statewide Security Services WA, look out for while performing a mobile patrol. A security guard can only be able to do this properly if he or she is trained adequately, and therefore know exactly what to look out for.

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