Tips for effective crowd control

At an event where there are large numbers of people, effective control can be difficult. This situation can be made even more difficult if alcohol is present, as it’s well known that drunk patrons are much harder to control than sober ones.

Effect crowd control methods can be different depending on what kind of event you are holding. Crowds at a trade show are a lot less likely to be a problem than crowds moving in and out of a rock concert that has alcohol for sale.

Planning is important!

If you want your event to run smoothly, advance planning is one one of the most important things you can do. Event organizers need to choose an experienced security company that has staff that are properly trained specifically with dealing with crowd control (not just any static security guard will do). Event organizers should also create a plan map with the security company, and provide information such as approx number of patrons, planned routes for the crowds, any areas that may have possible trouble, and any contingency plans of something goes wrong.

Access Points and barricades

Keeping crowds moving in the right direction, and keeping them out of areas they are not supposed to enter can be done via effective use of access points and barricades. For example, putting obstructions near access points is proven to assist preventing bottlenecks rather than create them, as crowds are forced to split up into multiple lines to get around and get access to a doorway. The security company you choose will need to advise on the best use of access points and barricades.

Communication Is Critical

Proper communication with event visitors from event staff during the event by the event staff and the security guards themselves is important. More often than not, patrons will have questions, and all staff and guards will need to be able to answer them. Settling conflicts or disputes can be handled better by providing firm, yet calm and respectful communication.

Hire company that knows Crowd Control

A big misconception when hiring a Perth Security Company for crowd control, is that they all must know effective crowd control. This is not the case! Within a security company team, further training is required for security staff to be able to work as a crowd control officer. At State Security Services WA, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best crowd control officers in Perth. All of our guards have extensive experience in controlling the most unruly crowds, and will ensure the utmost safety for the patrons at your next event in Perth.


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