The importance of keeping your business safeguarded

As one of Perth’s leading security companies, Statewide Security Services WA provides solutions to a large number of customers ranging from large department stores and colleges, all the way down to local businesses, no matter how large or small.

Presently more than ever before, securing a business requires an large range of solutions to mitigate possible threats against people and property, as well as typical theft. Today’s offenders are well educated and have access to many types of resources. Given the recent high threat level reported by the Australian National Security, the expertise of all of Statewide’s security personnel is a big priority.

Business’s look for various security solutions, such as protection of property, expense minimization, accident prevention and and detection and prevention of offences. As part of a all inclusive security plan, a lot of companies settle for static security guards to protect them. Static security guards can perform a large array of tasks that each serve specialized purposes.

Learn more about the types of static security services we provide below, and how they can play an important role in keeping your Perth business safeguarded from crime!


Before the roll out  a security team, businesses are usually advised to install  a CCTV camera system, and place security monitoring signage around the property that would act as a quick and automatic deterrent for offenders. Once a CCTV system is established, static security guards can then be used to intercept trespassers and force them to leave the premises prior to committing an offence.

Unlawful shop entries in WA between 2015 and 2017.

If you’re seeking security guards because an offender has already committed an act of theft or destruction of property, which has been a rising occurrence in Western Australia according to the WA Police, Statewide Security Services can help you evaluate your businesses weak points. Usually, a CCTV system and a static security guard will be able to prevent the majority of security issues. However, some individual cases will need a tailored protection strategy to be successful. The right security solution for your business could very well be the difference in the recovery of any stolen goods, the prosecution of an offending person(s), or most likely prevention of the crime altogether.


Monitoring and controlling access to a business site is another important area of any security system. Being able to stop unauthorized people (and any possible issues) from entering a business will have a big impact on the outcome of an event, therefore it is very important that all access points are kept monitored. Business commonly use employees key-cards that allow access for employees, as well as installing security gates and other physical protections. However, adding another layer of security to these solutions provides your company with a more combined solution. Seeing a static officer keeping a watchful eye over these access points, especially in combination with CCTV security, can play a huge role in the prevention of criminal activity at your site.

Choosing to monitor entry points with Statewide Security WA guards, who are well trained in efficient entry and offence protection, will make your business and employees feel much safer. Security at a gate or entry point increases a company’s ability to minimize the possibility of dangerous goods on introduced to the premise, unauthorized vehicle access, as well as providing an image of security for your business. If a breach of entry is recorded, then further adjustments to the security details can be made, plus a list of previous offenders can be kept, limiting access even more and preventing any further disturbances.

Traffic Controllers

Traffic controllers make up an important part of business protection when it comes to construction sites or events of larger scale (i.e. music events). Companies in Perth can reduce risks and keep their reputation safe by employing Statewide Security Services WA Traffic Controllers.

Static Security is not limited to an officer who monitors from behind a desk. Our services are customisable for changing demands, and our guards can fit anywhere into your business plans and provide valuable protection from a large range of threats.

If you have any security concerns, we offer Security Consulting, so we can start with a Risk Assessment of your business(es).

Statewide Security Services WA currently services businesses in industries including construction, education, retail,  finance, health services, leisure, entertainment and many more.

If you’re trying to find a  trusted security and traffic control team to safeguard your Perth business or next big Perth Event, call us on 0459 394 171.

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