Statewide Security has a Mobile Patrols Division with professional and modern vehicles that cover from Yanchep down to Kwinana and East out to Armadale and Midland, giving full coverage for all of our valued clients across the metropolitan districts.

Statistics clearly show that having a mobile patrol vehicle attend your premises on a regular basis can significantly deter any offenders.

We all know that security is an unfortunate necessity but in many instances, the cost of not employing a security company to conduct security patrol of your premises can be vastly more expensive and harmful than doing so.

In today’s tough economic market, theft, damage to assets such as machinery and equipment; and individual safety can have a devastating impact upon your business or family, so therefore by implementing a nightly patrol you can be reassured that your premises, assets, personnel and/or loved ones are safe and secure.

Statewide Security has experienced and professional officers in the Mobile Patrols Division who will attend and patrol your business premises throughout the evening as many times as you require in order to ensure your premises is secure.

The Patrols Officers of Statewide Security can patrol Shopping Centres, Warehouses, Storage Yards, Building Construction Sites, Office Buildings, Production and Retail Units, Chemists, Schools, Hospitals, Retail Chains, Industrial and Logistics Facilities and Government Properties.

In some cases where the budget for security services is tight but security service is extremely needed, the Mobile Patrols Division can also be utilised. The presence of security warning signs on perimeter fencing, hi-visible security vehicles and security patrol officers can be a strong deterrent to opportunistic offenders.

Comprehensive mobile patrols include external and internal perimeters inspections, physical checks of doors, windows, gates, vehicles and machinery, storage containers and rooms, theft sensitive areas as well as checking for trespassers, graffiti or other damages.

Statewide Security WA operate a large fleet of marked security patrol vehicles in all areas between Yanchep, Mandurah and Perth. Each security patrol unit has all necessary equipment to perform security mobile inspections of our clients’ property, such as, spot lights, Guard Tour Management system, radio and mobile communication facilities, GPS tracking device, Video/Voice recorder, computer and internet access.

Our experienced Patrol Officers are all Australian Citizens that possess more than four years’ experience within the security industry and in patrol and alarm response management, giving client the peace of mind that their site will be protected during the hours of darkness. Some of the key elements that the Patrol Officer will look out for and record when attending your site include:

  • Suspicious persons on or around the site
  • Persons of Interest
  • Damage or Graffiti
  • Loiterers (Including Juveniles)
  • Vehicles of Interest
  • Maintenance issues (Lights out, broken locks, damaged reticulation)
  • Hazards (Cracks or potholes)
  • Litter
  • Burn outs in car park
  • Lights left on, Windows left open or A/C left on

Statewide Security patrol vehicles have been designed to have the latest technology so that intelligence gathered from the Patrol Officers is forwarded to the client immediately. Our patrol vehicles all comprise of the following:

  • Modern Patrol Vehicles
  • Badged with Security
  • Police Like LED Roof Strobes
  • Internal and External CCTV
  • GPS Tracker
  • Instant Electronic Reporting System


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