6 step checklist to ensure your business is safe and secure

Criminal activity or damage to your business property can be costly. Crimes like arson, theft and vandalism can largely impact your business activities, and can even have an affect on your confidence as a business owner.

With crime steadily rising, being vigilant about security at your business offices and with your employees is ever so important. Ensuring you have proper security measures is important and should never be overlooked, so read below for 6 steps to ensure your business is secure and safe from threats.

1. Security education with employees

Sufficient security begins with your workers. Having a company policy in writing is an important and excellent security measure, ensuring it includes emergency procedures and health & safety codes. It’s also beneficial to include policies for getting keys cut and the loaning of keys to others in the company. If you have a management team, they should ensure they lead by example and follow these policies, including the locking of all exterior doors or gates, and ensuring alarms are set.

Employees should also be encouraged to speak out if they witness any strange activity around the office premise and feel 100% comfortable speaking to management is sensitive information regarding business security is requested by someone else. If your company doesn’t have an effective company security policy, speak to Statewide Security Perth and we can help you!

2. Points of entry and security doors

When not in use, any main security entry points must remain locked even if it’s during business hours. Office windows are not an exception and should also be secured from inside when the office is not in use or is closed.

It’s also an excellent idea to use dead-bolts on any doors on your property that provide access. If you are already using dead-bolts, make sure it works properly at regular intervals (all it takes is for one faulty dead-bolt to provide a criminal with easy access). Security cameras positioned around your business property will not only allow you to monitor who ever is accessing your building at any time, but it will also provide an effective deterrent to criminals and also help with any criminal investigation if one occurs.

Security cameras should be positioned at important key areas of your premise, for example entry areas, loading areas, car parks or car garages, storage areas or any important restricted areas. It’s also an excellent idea to show visible signage stating you have working cameras in operation. Statewide Security WA can assist you with organizing your security camera plan and also provide highly visible signage to deter criminal activity.

3. Protect your valuables

If your company handles cash regularly, it’s a great idea to make regular deposits to the bank so you are not holding large sums of cash at any time, which in turn mitigates risk. When your business closes at the end of the day, ensuring staff have a habit of moving valuable out of sight and in a secure area is a great step towards better security. Ensuring windows are covered stops opportunistic criminals.

It’s also recommendable to become knowledgeable of your business’s insurance policy, and make sure it’s reviewed regularly, i.e. what the policy covers and the process of claiming if required. Keeping a record of all valuable equipment in your business is a great idea, ensuring the document is kept secure within your company.

4. Teach employees about network security

All staff should be taught company policies on computer usage and how to handle sensitive information over electronic communication. Your business WIFI network should have strong password protection, and if you provide free WIFI to customers, you should have this setup on a different network to the staff one. This is very important if your company has sensitive information or stores customer data that is subject to privacy policies.

Staff should also only print important or sensitive documents when necessary, and make sure the documents are shredded correctly instead of just putting it in the bin. Important documents should also never be left around the office.

5. Property Maintenance

Ensuring your business property is properly and routinely maintains greatly helps with the security of your premise. For example, ensure all light bulbs are replaced when needed, and install extra lighting around the building. Flood lighting with motion detection are a great way to deter late-night criminal activity at your business. It’s also beneficial to ensure good lighting at entry and exit points in case staff need to enter or exit at night time.

Landscaping should also be maintained regularly, including trimming of bushes, and any exterior gates be fitted with locks to protect business vehicles and equipment. If any doors, windows or locks become damaged at any time, it’s important to ensure they are repaired as soon as possible to prevent easier access to the premise by criminals.

6. Managing new or leaving staff

When you hire new staff, it’s important to always request proper documents and a handful of references to back up their character. This ensures you will be aware of any past

When hiring a new team member, always request proper documentation and a number of references. This will ensure that you are aware of any past misbehavior before granting access to your premise and its contents. It’s also important to have a proper procedure for when a staff member resigns or leaves the business, for example changing computer passwords, entry codes, and the returning of keys.

No matter if your a small business or a large corporation, it’s important to ensure your business, it;s staff and your property are protected at all times. Doing everything outlined in this article will give you confidence and peace of mind and allow you to focus on your business.

Statewide Security WA located in Perth, can help you plan and provide the best security services for your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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